eat dirt 

welcome to shithouse on sea

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Release 27/4/2018

Welcome to ShIthouse-on-Sea is a step up from our first record.

we stuck with the same producer Justin Hill (Ex-Sikth) but we tried to make the songs bigger and better, they’re still short but there’s more to them (I think).

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MUsic video


Ben Mills - Vocals   *  Richie Cooper - Drums  *  Dan 'Thunder' Cooper - Bass  *  Dai Williams - Guitar  *   James Lucas - Guitar

We formed in 2016, didn’t play a gig till our first show supporting Pears in 2017. And we’ve got a podcast called the DirtCast.

Everyone keeps telling me how amazing they are live.

I was sold on the first listen. It’s everything I want from a band.
— Mat @ Umlaut Records