Pre-orders 6/4/2018

release 20/4/18


Fangs was Recorded at Grimsby institute in Grimsby and produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt cade

Dynamite Back sleeve.jpg
  alex   Bass    martyn   Lead vox & Lead Guitar    dave   drums    graeme   Lead vox & Guitar

alex Bass

martyn Lead vox & Lead Guitar

dave drums

graeme Lead vox & Guitar


Red City Radio / Hot Water Music / The Gaslight Anthem

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DynamiteDynamite are a 4 piece punk rock band from North Lincolnshire UK who regret their name. Try searching for them online and you'll be bombarded with Tao Cruz and whatever Miss Dynamite did 12 years ago! Formed at some point in the past by Dave and Martyn they play music heavily influenced by Midwest American punk and the fat wreck/epitaph bands of the nineties.

After releasing their debut EP "It's only breathing" in 2014 they solidified their lineup with Alex on bass, joining Graeme, a Guitarist they apparently stole from a town called Gainsborough.

The next year they recorded a split EP with The Hideout and released their debut album Apologies/Apathy. The 10 songs of love, loss and blah blah blah were well received. For "This Deal's Getting Worse All The Time" they released a DIY music video filmed at their practice space in Scunthorpe. Again, try searching for it on YouTube in-between Star Wars and Robot Chicken clips.

In the years that followed they played shows all over the UK and embarked on a ten day EU tour with umlaut records own Burnt Tapes. After seemingly disappearing up north for a while, they went back into the studio with producer Matt Cade to record their new ep "Fangs" for Umlaut Records.

Fun Facts:

1 of them is disabled.

1 of them has more hair than skin on his body.

1 of them threatens to quit every 2 weeks because of his terrible Anxiety.

1 of them is a Snapchat celebrity (but you'll never know which one).

DD have this songwriting thing nailed!
— Düg (Umlaut)