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Ah hindsight...

Ah hindsight...

...You wondrous thing. Life on earth does not allow for getting shit done. Now that I have started this cupboard of bendiness there is no going back; as snag after snag has set me back further and further.  Some snags are man-made (Mat-made!). I seem to book stuff in even though i know i can't possibly achieve all that i wish to.  I'm still learning. One day I'll practice putting all these life hacks (they're not even life hacks.  More like normal proceedings of a normal human being) into my day to day. I'm having a whale of a time though.  It's nice having the old man over to steer me past some of the blatant mistakes that I'm making and also to add some critical hindsight just as  we add the last shelf! "You know what we should've done? We should've made this as a cabinet and then just slid it into this hole! Voila!" Is something along the lines of what he said.  The man's a comedian. I really wish we'd started this father/son building thing a lot earlier, although I probably wouldn't have been ready.  Shan't moan though as some never have this level of comfortableness with their pa. He has this calmness about him which I used to have (Where the fuck did that go?). Putting lots of twos together, I continue to see that I am definitely Dave 2.0. The cover pic is how I left the cupboard on Saturday.  It now has doors that don't close quite right and shelves that not even the best of thieves could walk away with. Man,  they ain't coming down!

Morning playlist. It has been playing through all this waffle, and there was a moment during Pink Floyd that i thought that maybe you'd wanna know.  Now, whilst writing that, we've just missed Ray Rocket. My Vitriol.  I've been waiting to write about this.  One of my all-time musical things.  It's on both playlists as it is both continuation of sleep and end of the day celebration. Amazing.  The CD is called finelines, I think? I really should know.  But it's not the titles of music makes me fall in love. And that is exactly what me and this CD have. 

... Out of the box, 100 ft robot golf is not exactly what I was expecting.  It's clunky,  Japanesque and altogether not very good.  The premise is funny and could work; but I'm not here to review.  The virtual reality of the situation plonks you on the shoulder of a 100ft automaton that you control?! Yeah,  weird huh?  My initial thought was,  "haha , cool!"... until I moved.  Up we jumped! Down we came.  My stomach didn't have a fucking clue! He was sat in his usual gaming chair freaking out by what his pals,  the eyes, were experiencing.  A new experience for him.  A new experience for all of us. Sadly my stomach was the only one that was not enjoying this trip to the future.  I tried coaxing him round with "you've seen Ref Dwarf, right? I remember you liking the episode 'better than life'. No difference mate!". Sadly,  I could take no more. Off came the headset and with it my brain-function. Stood in my kitchen,  not sure whether I'm gonna vom or pass out; I feel sick as a dog. Instantly,  I blame the game.  I let the nausea subside and whacked the headset back on. A few experiences later and I'm feeling good again. "It was just that game! Ha, shit game!". RIGS: mechanized combat league. It's sport. It's shooty. It's... Amazing. The intro and menu screens are next level.  I feel as though I'm in a pit lane in tallest f1 car ever created. Lifted up to the playing arena through a hole in the floor; I'm excited like a young kingly hangdog on Easter morning (You should've seen it!  My aunt tells the story well. Every time I see her!) I'm running in a mech-suit. I'm jumping. I'm shooting. I'm scoring.  I'm turning... I'm, I'm, I'm tuuuuuuurniiiiing... eugh, I don't feel so good.  It takes a long time to feel right again.  I'm upset. £350 of ultimate awesome that I can't use.  I tried a few other demos and another 3 hours on headmaster and called it a day on what is one of the greatest inventions ever created.  The sadness consumes me.  

Talking of Consumed, did you hear that a certain little label have the uk release for their upcoming ep? That's right,  Umlaut Records are putting out one of the finest skate punk acts ever. My fingers were surgically attached to THPS through my teens and Heavy Metal Winner was burned in to my nervous system accordingly. Every time i press restart on the ps4 i can almost hear the song starting. And I LOVE it.  It's no secret that here at umlaut the feels for Consumed are strong. They were the first Fat band we booked for a show at the Unicorn a couple of years ago. A few more rocking shows since then and now this! The stuff of dreams! The new CD will blow your ear's ears off. I'm not going to go too much into it now.  Just,  if you're as excited as us for a new Consumed CD... watch this space. 

I'm changing trains now and 'calling Elvis,  is anybody home?" Dire straits. 

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