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I thought of that title this morning... guess where? That's right. 

I'm on the train.  Why? Cos I'm an idiot.  I took my scooter out in the snow the other week and guess what happened? That's right.

3 days later; my groin was feeling fairly groinal again and the snow had miraculously disappeared like it'd never been there in the first place; i discovered that scooters don't last long in the wild! Idiot!

So, I'm on the train.  This bit ain't to bad (cos now it's time to skate or die) as I get to sit but the other rancid sardine cans i have to endure are to be desired! Redeeming features equal, I get to do stuff on my phone. That's it! Nothing else. 

Some guy has just sat next to me wearing a shower cap! Awesome! No raincoat, no brolly, all fashion statement? (No he's not naked! Jeesh!).

Anyway,  I'm not here to moan. Although,  I may. A little. Not too much.  If I do too much let me know in the comments. Arf arf.  My kid watches other people have fun on YouTube and they all say that. Kids these days eh?

I'm listening to my evening playlist.  It's great.  It's not the best but that's cos I'm lazy. Today it seems to be heavily laden with NOFX songs.  Now some of you may think "yay,  NOFX. The quintessential skate punk band. Well played Kingly. Proper commute music." Really, I'm just waiting for the next song to come on. Manqueller Man by Fucked Up comes on.  Who? Exactly.  A popular band from Canada I believe.  I added it the other day; I don't know why? It's good though. Enough shouty to not be overly singy and vice versa. It's guitary. It's nice.  You may be able to tell that I am not a reviewer of things.  Or for that matter, much of a writer. But if you don't give something a go... Not much happens! 

This blog... I don't know what it's gonna be but (butter butter butter butter butter butter face) you're gonna find out a load of what's going on in my life.  Umlaut, Müg, the world of punk rock,  babies,  friends,  food,  work and play.  I'll try not to bore you; I feel I may bore myself before it even gets to you. This may be more cathartic than anything but hey,  cheaper than a and quicker than an NHS shrink!

I've been through some shit recently (oh no! Kingly's getting serious) that could do with being aired. We all have, and you know what?  It's cool to talk about it (ha, NOFX again). I think being open and honest is the key to being at least relaxed with yourself.  No one laughs. No one actually gives a shit what you are as long as you're not hurting yourself or others.  I'm not saying no one gives a shit cos that couldn't be further from the truth. Our inadequacies are just a part of us and acknowledging and even embracing them will shorten those dark times. 

My face has been a picture of pouting dismay of late.  Why? The list is a long and interconnected web of stress.  I shall not bore you like I did the rest! But, an attempt to change that is  (YES, Ataris) underway, and writing to you is a big part of that.  Hence why the blog now tastes like a sour sausage or Cauldron falafel burger! Stay well clear of them. (Do yourself a favour of you haven't already. Odd Robot - A Late Night Panic. Thanks Mark Bell of Mark Bell Illustration fame for that recommendation of the week.)

That said,  I wish to not delve into that right now.   (Two Snakes by Fucked Up. Honestly, this song goes on for ages.  Feels like 2 maybe 3 of the same song stuck together. There is something total satisfying by the way he says, "TWO SNAKES". Why he says it? I don't know.  Enjoyable to the max though.)

So the end of my commute is here. 

I didn't really tell you anything did I? 

I'll be back tomorrow. 



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