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Ticket to ride

Ticket to ride

Im looking down at the paper in my hand. I can't believe it. I've only gone and won £168m on the Euro Millions. Im spent the morning spending everything in my mind and loving it. Suddenly all my worries are lifted. I can afford my rent without fear f the council tax striking me down. My debts are all paid. I've walked into an estate agent in Bethnal Green and outright bought that town house I always wanted. 6 rooms 5 floors, 3 bathrooms and all the space I could ever want for my home studio and visiting friends. No more programming crappy drums on my 7 yr old computer. Real drums in a sound proofed room and fed directly into my brand new iMac. 

I think I'll open a savings account for my niece. 500k to her on her 18th birthday is a good start. plus this interest will bring that up to at least 750 in the next 16 years. I'm gonna buy my parents house off of them. It's worth a good few quid, so that'll give them the happy retirement they deserve. They'll live there for free of course. I'll even pay the council tax no worries. My brother can have a cool million too. Why not?! 

You know I can now open the bar I want to open. i mean I do love my current bar but then it would be MINE. No beer on tap. I'm talking good whiskey and bottles of cheap beer. I'll probably open it attached to a venue. Get in a load of gear so traveling bands don't have to stress about it. Maybe a few bunks in the loft for the tired and weary. I'm gonna call it the Den. Wait what??? What was that? I blinked. Where am I.

Im now looking down at the peace of paper in my hand. Take two, four times a day. Flu medicine. Its pouring with rain and I forgot my umbrella which doesn't help. The coffee in my other hand is being watered down as I stand under this rickety bus stand. Rents due in a few weeks and I'm broke. Can't even afford the bus, I'm just waiting for the rain to stop before I walk home. I feel bad for my lady. She deserves better than this. But it'll be okay, if i blink and squint hard enough I have the winning ticket in my hand.

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